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Ce front-end gérant VP et FP est disponible dans une nouvelle version. Un site encore relooké lui est consacré: http://www.fartian.eu/vpman/index.html

Changelog for version 5.50:
    * changed and improved VP-Man's help system to Microsoft's HTML-Help since WinHelp is no longer supported by Windows Vista
    * new table image management dialog (to add & delete table images or modify the display order)
    * support for drag & drop operations of tables, table images and table documents (may not work properly in Windows Vista due to security issues)
    * possibility to keep VP-Man the topmost window (useful for drag & drop operations)
    * improved sorting for 'Launches' column of table listview
    * improved image resizing options for saving captured screenshots (no longer limited to 4:3 aspect ratio)
    * fixed a bug in rar-extraction of distribute downloads dialog
    * fixed a bug in VP-Man's update check
    * extended hiscore.dat for displaying more highscores (matahari)

Les cons ça ose tout. C est même à ça qu on les reconnaît.


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